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15/8-2003 Kim By°'s Matchlabel collection
Mail:  byo@dsb.dk


Sorry, no enlargement available (Kim)
Part of "money" was used to to establish 9 "kollegier". It's houses where students can live during their education years. To my knowledge the foundation was "stopped" in 1996 and the money was given to the 9 "kollegier".
This is not ordinary labels - it's lottery tickets.
They were sold during summer 1945 to support a new foundation "FRIHEDSFONDEN".
They had a price af 2 danish crowns - quite expensive in those days.

"FRIHEDSFONDEN"  was established 31. may 1945 to aid victims and relatives after freedomfighters killed during the german occupation af Denmark in 1940 - 1945.

Text on the right side af the label tells : "This box is a gift from Sweeden". Text on the left side tells "result will be published 15-10-45".