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19/8-2003 Kim By°'s Matchlabel collection


H. E. Gosch & Co Matchfactory
Labels produced for the Royal Danish Court

front                                   back

Gosch 126/313

King Frederik 8
Reigned form 1906 to 1912

size : 32mm x 54mm
They are also made as "wrap-around label"

Gosch 126/314
Gosch 126/314

Crownprinses Ingrid's  (later Queen Ingrid)   private label
size  31mm x 47 mm

Crownprins Frederik's   (later King Frederik IX) private label
size  31mm x 47mm

Croonprins Frederik married
Princess Ingrid of Sweden i 1935
They became King and Queen when
King Christian X died in 1947

King Frederik 9
Reigned form 1947 to 1972

They are all Gosch 126/316
in different variations
all: size _35mm x 51mm

Emlarged picture to the right
Already enlarged

Queen Ingrid
married to King Frederik IX.

Queen Magrethe II
Reign 1972 - "still going strong"

Prinses Margrete amf  Prince Henrik private matchlabel.
Labels have been in use from before their wedding 10. june 1967
They became Queen and Princs when King Frederik 1X died in 1972
Size:  33mm x 50mm Gosch: 162/448

Prinses Margrete amf  Prince Henrik private matchlabel.
Size:  104mm x 58mm Gosch: 162/449