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17/8-2003 Kim Byøs Matchlabel collection
Mail:  byo@dsb.dk
1911- 1986
Several activities took place at the julelee in december 1986.
Different itmes were issued:  A newspaper in 1911 "style", Carlsberg had a special label on their beers and stamps showing the stationtower.
Copenhagen Central Station 75 years aniversary
Label text on front :
Copenhagen main station
Buildt by architect Heinrich Wenck 1904 - 11
Label text on the back :
Copenhagen Main Station is buildt like a national romantic fairytale book. Having towers and spears,
grand halls and "frodige" details it has become a "folkeligt" symbol of it's own untraditional charm.
It's original evident maindisposition are in these years attempted to be recreated and at the same time being adapted to present days functional needs.
size : 103mm x 52mm
Jubileebeer delivered by Carlsberg Breweries
BIRTHDAY GREETING with the 75 years
a 1/4 page add in 1911 julebee newpaper
Birthday Stamps.
Thanks to : "Søren Friis, 1701"