Construction complete (so far, but does it ever) !

Hope you enjoy it - Kim

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 1 : Tordenskjold - Danish Brand (menu)

 2 : H. E. GOSCH - Danish manufacturer (menu)

 3 : DENMARK - "MIXED" (menu)

 4 : DSB - Danish Railways (menu)

 5 : FUNNY pages (menu)

 6 : SPAIN (menu)


 8 : Danish Banks, danske banker (menu)








Now I have got 250 MB !  - They are going to be used !

It's a lot of fun creating the pages and it gives an opportunity to show

my labels to other people than family and freinds (the are getting bored). I believe I have got a lot af labels that should interesting to

other collectors - exspecially danish.

I would like to show as many as Stanislav Dmitriev and as artistic as Michael Langhoff Rasmussen, but my abilities are limited, so what you see is waht you get.

Maybe I have borrowed/stolen ideas from them (sorry, guys), but

it's a very effective/pleasent way of showing a coolection.

My site shows labels from different countries, primarely series. Series are "easy" to work with, and a lot af them is "very nice to look at".


I have got a lot of the brand "TORDENSKJOLD", so I will use them to create the danish catalog to an Internet version". !

Other danish labels will be shown with reference to /page/number from the danish catalog.

 - Again - hope you will have joy. 

-  Regards from Kim By°

 Look at other collectors :

 1 :  Michael Langhoff Rasmussen (VERY GOD SITE)

 2 : Stanislav Dmitriev (Probably the best in the net)


 Here is a god linkpage :

 3 : Stanislav Dmitriev - his link page !




Pages added 15/4-2005

1 : "DSB" album - pg7: "DSB Freight and Intercity"

2 : "DSB" album - pg8: "DSB Shipping (Rederi)"

3 : "DSB" album - pg9: "DSB Metro & Trainservice"

4 : "DSB" album - pg10: "DSB Shops & Restaurants)"

5. "FUN"-Album - The Unforgettables,de uforglemmelige

Pages added 18/4-2005

New Album (4 pages): Danish Banks


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